Viewing the Exhibition.

Lithuanian Landscape in Summer, by Arbit Blatas
Lithuania in Litvak Arts Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum, Vilnius

This painting has never been seen in public before. is pleased to announce the publication of Lithuania in Litvak Arts, the catalog by the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania, documenting its seminal exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian independence, and prominently featuring the legacy of Arbit Blatas.

The catalog features five paintings by Blatas, including two early landscapes--recent gifts to the Vilna Gaon Museum that have never been seen in public. A 1929 drawing of Blatas by Adamas Smetana also appears, capturing Blatas in his early days in Paris.

The seminal volume brings together the great Jewish Lithuanian artists of the 20th century-- including Blatas, Chagall, Band, Mané-Katz, among many others--exploring both their Lithuanian and Parisian influences, along with the poetry, literature and history of Jewish Lithuania. The catalog is a must-have for any art lover and collector, not to mention any student of European and/or Jewish history.
For further information about the catalog, please contact:
Dr. Vilma Gradinskaite
Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum

Separately, the Lithuanian Art Museum has announced a new book about Blatas and his art, to be published in coming months. Watch for more news about this exciting and important addition to the canon of works about Arbit Blatas.

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