PBS Station Thirteen/WNET renews contract to broadcast Geto: The Historic Ghetto of Venice

Remi Arts, Inc., is pleased to announce that its acclaimed documentary, Geto: The Historic Ghetto of Venice, narrated by the late, legendary opera star Regina Resnik, has returned to WNET/ Channel 13. At its triumphant broadcast debut on WNET in 2013, Geto drew more than 43,000 viewers.

In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Venice Ghetto throughout 2016, Geto will be broadcast and streamed throughout the New York Metro area for the next year and a half.

The acclaimed film explores the complicated relationship of the Venetian Jews with a Christian city that was ambivalent about their presence in Venice. The darkest part of the Ghetto’s history appears in rare footage of Hitler and Mussolini’s first meeting, in Venice, in 1934. The film also captures the first visit ever to the Ghetto by an Italian head of state, President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, as he unveils The Last Train, a massive bronze bas-relief by Resnik’s husband, Lithuanian-born artist Arbit Blatas, memorializing the victims of the Holocaust.

“When you watch Geto, you cannot help but be moved, no matter what your faith or background.”
- Abraham H. Foxman, National Director EEmeritus, Anti-Defamation League

"Geto should be seen by as wide a public as possible.”
- Dr. Ruth Westheimer

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